Cat Shorts

George Page

George and his sister Gracie were dumped out front of the gallery one beautiful spring day.  They made their way around to the rear of the gallery just about the time I was feeding the other cats.  Both of them were not shy and joined the feasting as if they had been here all the time.  As usual, the other cats did not seem to mind and just like that they were part of the herd.  george cat

I would guess they were five or six months old and that meant Gracie (I named them after George Burns and Gracie Allen) was pretty close to becoming fertile.  I had to trap them and get them to the vet.  No problem.  I put the cage out with some tempting tuna and both of them got into the cage at the same time.  In fact, the trap door hit Gracie in the butt.  George looked around and kept on eating.  Gracie crowded up beside him pushed in to the food bowl.  That was easy.  I let them finish eating and took them to the vet for their operations.

Everything worked out fine medically and they were back the next day. I kept them both in the gallery for an extra day because a spaying is much more dangerous than the simple clipping of George.  They both survived and I let them back out behind the gallery the next day.  Both of them acted like nothing had happened and continued to eat with much gusto.  Of course, the other cats gave them a big welcome home party. Lots of high fives and nose sniffing.

george cat and gracie cat at screen

I soon found out Gracie was an instigator. I saw her in front of the gallery right at the edge of the highway.  George meandered up behind her and I knew they were thinking about crossing the road. After they were shooed back to the rear of the gallery, I knew they would try and cross when I was not around.  It was time to move them to my house before they were killed.  They were trapped  again (just as easy as the first time) and we headed for the house.

I am going to switch to what I think their viewpoint was as they moved into the backyard of our house. Here is a picture of them looking through the screen into the gallery.

Dang, Gracie!  He did it to us again.  I sure hope we are not going the same place we went to before.  That hurt!

He is picking us up and and we are headed for the car.  Here we go!  I knew I should never have listened to you about crossing that road.  Oh, I'm getting the silent treatment now.  Mom always said you were strange.

 What now?  The car has stopped and he is getting out.  This is not the same place were I lost some valuable equipment.  Thank the cat gods for that.

He put us in two cages connected together containing  water, food and even a small litter box. We are on the back porch with a view of grass, trees, and a couple of other cats not in cages.  That is reassuring.  I could get used to this.  What are you hissing about Gracie.  Chill out!  He will let us out just like he did before.  It's getting dark and I'm going to sleep.  See you in the morning.

Surprise, surprise.  I was alone in the cage when I woke up during the night.  Gracie had some how managed to make the space between the two cages wide enough to squeeze out.  She was gone!  Even though I am bigger than Gracie, I managed to slip out and run to freedom.  Whoa!  Where is this freedom.  I had no idea where I was and what critters lurked out there in the dark.  I high-tailed it for the porch and hunkered down behind some furniture waiting for daybreak. 

Just after sunrise, he came out with a big bowel of food.  He did not see me and started calling our names (which are not really our cat names, but I digress).  I was starving so I came out to get some chow.  It was really good, yum.  He was so glad to see me.  I got plenty of petting and scratching and a lot of sweet talk.  This new place may work out.

I finished the food and went behind the furniture and tried to start a nap but he kept me awake yelling Gracie's name. Then he left and went looking for her.  I went to sleep.  After all, I had a rough night and I knew Gracie could take care of herself and would find her way back when she wanted to.  He spent most of the morning looking for her and calling her name.

After about three days, I started to worry about her and went looking for signs that she was still around this area.  Maybe she was just afraid to come back.  We went out everyday looking for her but she was not cooperating.  He asked me every day if I had seen her or knew where she was.  I could tell he was honestly worried about her and that made me feel good about him.  This guy is all right.

After a long time, both of us gave up trying to find her.  I really miss Gracie but I don't think anything bad happened to her.  Us cats, especially bothers and sisters, have a bond and I still feel that bond.  I hope she found someone who would take care of her and treat her like the great sister she is.  I think she did. 

A PS from Dad - About two months later as I was driving to work, I saw a black and white cat sitting on the porch of a house across the valley from our house.  I stopped the car and got out.  The cat started to run and I shouted "Gracie".  She stopped and looked back at me.  Most cats that are spooked do not stop when yelled at.  I am pretty sure this was Gracie and she looked healthy and happy.  I have not seen her since then, but I do look at that front porch every time I drive by.  I told George about it, and we both hope she is doing well.

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