Cat Shorts


When we moved from the old place to this new place, Mom was kinda upset.  The old place (gallery) was where she had been the longest without any serious problems and good food and security.  But, when she was attacked and mauled by a local fox, she knew it was time to move on and so did the big guy.  Momma almost lost an eye and the human saved her by taking her to the vet.  It took awhile for her to heal up, but she was back to her tough old self in about a month. Then we moved to paradise.

There were lots of trees, a great back porch to sleep on and even a wonderful bed to sleep on at night on the back porch.  Life for me and mom was really good. We had two meals a day, plenty of fresh water and lots of  love from the big human.  We talked to the other cats that were already there and they called him "dad" so Momma and I started calling him dad, whatever that means.  Maybe it is he secret name like us cats have.  We had the best seven months Momma had ever had. 

I don't know how old Momma was, but she told me about many litters of kittens she had birthed. Since Dad had been in her life, my brothers and sisters were the last litter she had taken care of (she was spayed).  For that, she was very happy.  It was a lot of work and danger raising new kitties and Momma was glad to rest.  All she had to do now was eat, drink and sleep in the sun.  Life was good for the Momma family. This time reminded me a lot of the show "Cats" and the song from that show, "Memories".  She was such a good cat and I am sure had many memories in the sun.

Momma was not comfortable being indoors and I had never been indoors so that was fine with me.  We explored the local area and spent a lot time sleeping on the back porch and chasing lizards and butterflies. . Agnes and Vera would come out and share sleeping time with us and fill us in with what was going on with Dad and the family.  For about seven months of Momma's life, she had a great, worry free life and she flourished. The cat gods smiled on us.

Usually at night we stayed on the back porch because the other cats had warned us about the critters of the night the coyotes.  A couple of times mom and I had heard them yipping and howling at night but they usually were off in the distance.  George told us about how he had lost a couple of stray cat friends over the past six months. George had no problems staying in at night and tried to talk mom into coming in at night.  She was just not comfortable being inside for long periods of time and  I was not going inside without her.  So, we stayed out every night but were very careful about were we explored at night.

About a week later, things went terribly wrong.  It was very dark, no moon at all.  We were out by the road in front of the house looking for some yummy crickets to munch on.  Mom started hissing and yelled at me to get up a tree now!  Just as I got about halfway up the nearest tree, I saw them.  To large coyotes with their cubs and they ran off chasing mom.  I got further up the tree and waited for mom to come back.  I stayed up that tree all night and all of the next day.  I never saw mom again.

I stayed up that tree for another night.  I was getting really hungry and thirsty but I was still so terrified I did not want to be on the ground ever again.  Then, I heard Dad calling my name.  He was getting closer to my tree and I just waited until he found me but I still could not force myself to come down. He realized something bad had happened.  He had seen mom or me in almost three days and now I would not come down out of the tree.  He went and got a large flower pot, turned it upside down and sat on the flower pot just below my tree.  We just sat there for awhile with him talking softly to me about how everything was going to be all right.  Then he went into the house and came back with a bowel of water and some yummy wet food.  He put the food and water right below my tree and sat down again on the flower pot and waited, talking to me all the time. 

I was so thirsty and hungry and I moved about halfway down the tree with him talking to me all the time.  He made me feel a little safer, but I could not make myself come all the way down.  He knew what happened because mom was not there and I so darn scared.  After about an hour, I came all the way down and got a long good drink of water.  Dad just sat there and watched me.  I was so hungry it took about a minute for me to empty the food bowel and I was back up the tree. He was not going to rush me and told me to stay in the tree as long as I was scared. 

 He got up and went into the house saying he would be back in a little while.  I felt much better now that I had water and food and started looking around for a better location.  This was a darn cedar tree and it was very uncomfortable and spikey.  I noticed that one of the branches came very close to a big oak tree with lots of good places to rest in.  I moved out onto the branch and made a heroic jump onto the oak tree. As I looked for a safe comfortable place to spend the night, I noticed that a branch was very close to the roof of the house.  I explored that path, and decided the roof would be a very, very safe place to spend the night so I jumped onto the roof. I only came down to pee or poop for a long time.

Dad saw this was happening and he would get up on a ladder and bring me food and water on the porch at the back bedroom door.  He never tried to force me down and always gave me a few rubs and some soothing words to get me through the night.  Before he went to bed, he would come out and pet me and calm me down.  Night time was a bad time for me.

After awhile, I guess dad decided it was time for me to become one of the indoor family.  He was up on the ladder bringing me food and he grabbed my the scruff of my neck and hauled me off the roof and down the ladder.  He took me into the house and put me down in a small room he called his office and closed the door.  Of course all the other cats wanted to know who was this new cat and why could they not get into the room to investigate the new girl on the block.  Father knows best.  They became accustomed to me and my smell as I discovered them.  They would stick their paws under the door and I would swat at them and this turned into a play time.  This was not too bad and I was not outdoors were the danger was.  This could be a good thing. 

Every night before bedtime, dad would come in and sit on the floor and pull me onto his lap.  We would sit there for awhile with him petting and rubbing me while I purred like crazy.  Every day I felt more and more comfortable and secure.  I loved our little lap times and looked forward to it every night.  It just felt so good and relaxing.  I was on the road to recovery.

Then one night, dad came in and left the door open.  Of course there were lots of cats at the door being cats (curious).  There was a little hissing and walking sideways, but dad told them it was all right and things settled down.  We did our usual lap time and he got up and left - with the door still wide open.  I went out into the hallway, got hissed at a couple of times, and started exploring my new life.  Things were good and I felt safe for the first time in a long time.  I found lots of new cat places that night and eventually went back into my room to sleep the night out.  What a great day.

After some run-ins with the house cats, things settled down to normal and I made lots of new cat friends.  Agnes was my first buddy and showed me around the house.  She really liked to rum the whole length of the house all the time.  She called it "zooming".  Agnes made me tired just watching her zoom.  As time passed, I became a part of the family and life is good.  I still do not like to go outside but when the weather is good and the other cats are out on the back porch, I do venture out.  I stay really close to the door and check to see if dad is still out there.  You cannot be too careful.

I love my new family! But the great outdoors is not that great;