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Tip Page

This page is devoted to tips, understandings, and surprises I have learned from my cats.  Everything from medication to litter box problems will be put up for your enjoyment and learning. 


First tip I have is about missing the litter box (urine).  Vera, our Senior Pussycat is about sixteen years old and is having some kidney problems.  More about that later.  We put a large plastic drip pan under the litter box to prevent floor damage when she did miss her target.  That worked fine but it was messy to clean up.  You can buy the drip pans at Lowes or any hardware store.

cat pads

I was in Petsmart the other day and just happen to see puppy pads.  These are highly absorbent pads used by puppies before they are house broken. They will absorb about six cups of liquid per pad.  Would this work with Vera?

I purchased a box of ten pads for about three dollars.  Get the extra large pads because they fit perfectly in the drip pan and they even have a small adhesive tab to keep them in place. The pads worked great.  When Vera had an accident, the pads absorbed the urine and all I had to do was fold up the pad and put it in the garbage rather than using ten or so paper towels to soak up the urine and get my hands wet.  I highly recommend these pads if you have an "accident prone" kitty.


When Vera (16 years old) started having problems finding the litter box, I decided to do some research on ways to repair or fix her problem.  There are lots of great sites on the net that will help with just about any medical problems your cats are experiencing.  Here are some things I found out that did help Vera.

The food and water you give your cat varies from horrible to passable.  Bad dry food is the main culprit.  I will not go into what is bad and what is good as you can research it yourself.  But, bad dry food will ruin you cat's kidneys and other organs.  After I found this out, I switched to grain free, natural ingrediants cat food.  In addition, I started mixing in with their regular wet food pure chicken.  Good chicken, not feet and stuff like that.  I give my cats only distilled or spring water in their water bowls. 

The brand name chicken I use is Fresh Pet Select and you can get it at any pet store and even some supermarkets. It is not expensive and comes in tubes that are very easy to use.  Make sure you get the tube for cats, not dogs. Check it out.  I mix it in with their regular wet food (Blue Buffalo) about a 50/50 ratio.  If you try use it at first without mixing with their usual food, they probably will not eat it.  It will be a trial and error experience at first.  It took me about two weeks to learn the correct mixture.  Use a little chicken stock to give it a more natural smell.  I am still experimenting and I have  many failures, but I finally got the right mixture and most of the time they will eat their new food.

cat food

Vera is doing much better.  She still misses the litter box now and then, but she is not passing the huge amounts of liquid that she was passing before we got her on the natural chicken.  She has put on weight and seems to feel much better. The dry food I use is Taste of the Wild - Rocky Mountain Formula with Roasted Venison and Smoked Salmon and is probably good for the cats as any dry food can be. 

I have noticed an increase in energy in all the cats ( home and gallery) since starting this new feeding regime. In addition, Squad Car, (one of the gallery cats) had a dandruff problem. She has been on the new food about a month and the dandruff has cleared up.  I think it is a win-win solution.

My next project is raw food.  I am doing research now, but it looks like using raw food and healthy processed food will be really good for the cats.  I will keep you up to date on the progress.

Agnes and Ellie Child's Book

I authored a child's illustrated book about a small cat named Agnes and a little field mouse named Ellie and published the book on Amazon.  If you know a child under seven years old, you may take a look at the book and see if it fits your needs.  It is a really neat book to read to a child and is fully illustrated with my own drawings.  You can find the book at this link Agnes and Ellie on Amazon.  If you like the book, please let me know.

cat book cover