Some of the Cast

Tanya in Sunflower Patch

Tanya in the Sunflower Patch Out Back

She has made a little nest inside the patch.  It is so cool and shady in there.

Roo Cat

Gallery Cats Roo and Squad Car

These two have been together since they were tiny little kittens. They are really good buds.

Rita's Kittens

Rita's Kittens

They are enjoying the sun on a cold winter morning out back of the gallery.

Agnes On Some Really Ugly Carpet (Since replaced, the carpet, not Agnes).

You can tell by her expression how the carpet stunned her.

George From One Of His Portfolio Shots.

George wants to be in the movies. To that end, he has a significant portfolio for casting calls.

Vera, Our SPC (Senior Pussy Cat).

Vera is our oldest Home Cat (13 years) and is Mother Earth. This is our hippie cat. I caught her meditating in the photo.

Some Videos and Catoons to Enjoy

Click here to see Squad Car Dropping Off to nap time.

Just for Fun

I am not selling anything. Don't want you to donate or join anything.
If you are not a cat person (that is hard to believe) maybe you
can learn why there are so many of us "cat persons" and dare I say,
become one of "us". Be sure your speakers are on.

A Catoon - Orinthologists

Click here to see "My Chair".

Just to Enjoy Feline Behavior

Every cat is different and has his or her own
personality - some good, some not so good.  Almost
like humans.  We are all different - some good and some
not so good.  Enjoy!!!