Gallery Cats

Betty (below) was adopted at the beginning of June and had been here for almost a year. These feral cats come and go but some do stick around for the good life.  Usually, when they do stay here, they become somewhat tame and I can pet and touch them eventually.  That makes it much easier to administer medicine and vet trips if they need it.

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Gallery Cats

This is the Gallery at Spicewood's front door. The Gallery Cats live out back.

I own a small art gallery (The Gallery at Spicewood) about 30 miles west of Austin on Highway 71 at Hollingsworth Corner.  There is a large Exxon gas station not too far from the gallery.  People (I use that word loosely) pull into the station at night and discard their cats (mostly female kittens or already pregnant female cats).    If they are not run over right away, they usually find their way to my gallery where I live trap them and get them spayed or neutered.  I try to get them adopted and most of the time with the help of various cat rescue organizations, we do find them new, good owners that will love them and take care of them.  

For various reasons,  some are just not adoptable and they live out back of the gallery as long as they want to.  I feed them twice a day, 365 days a year and take care of any injuries  or illnesses that crop up.  They become my outdoor kitties and I treat them just like I treat my seven cats at home.  I even promoted two of them (Roo and Squad Car)to  inside the gallery and they  became my gallery cats. They are doing really well having been feral cats for quite a while.  Come by the gallery and you can meet them.

At present, I have between six and thirteen cats out back.  They leave for awhile and drift back every now and then to get fed or just to let me know they are OK.  Over the past six years I estimate that about ninety cats have come through here on their way to adoption or permanent residence.  I lose some of the cats to predators,  cars on the highway or just moving off to greener pastures.  They are good at finding good people that will feed and care for them. 

Browse through the site and meet some of the wonderful feline citizens in my life.  If you have any great cat pictures, stories, or just a favorite cat you want to talk about, email me at and share.  I am also inserting under the link OTHER PLACES at the top of each page  some good cat information that may be helpful to you.  Enjoy!  

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