Brownie Bio

Brownie cat 1

Brownie Dreaming she is on the Serengeti

Brownie is a tough little cat. Very skinny and I call her "Boney Butt".

Brownie Cat 1

Brownie Catching Some Rays

She Loves to be out in the sun even in July.

Rita's Kittens

Waiting For Chow in the Afternoon.

Brownie eats like a horse. She eats any food, dry or wet. She is a real chow cat.

Brownie Cat 5

About Time You Got Here With the Food!

She likes to eat cafeteria style.  A little from this bowel, a little from that bowel.

Brownie cat 6

I Need Some Serious Petting.

Brownie loves to be petted and scritched (that is a cat word for scratched and rubbed at the same time). Even as much as she likes to eat, she will opt for petting as long as I will do it.

Brownie cat 7

Wow! This Has Cheese in it.  Keep it Coming.

She is not crazy about pate food but she will eat it without her usual gusto. Her favorite is the meaty bits genre.  Mucho gusto then.

Brownie's Browsings

Brownie cat 8

Is That Tanya Under the Porch?

Brownie and Tanya have some unresolved issues. Tanya hisses and attacks Brownie every chance she gets. I don't know why.

Brownie is an unusual cat to say the least. She is the oldest living feral cat from out back of the gallery. She has vanished for years at a time and every now and then shows up just as skinny and sinewy as ever. She is just over eight years old and has never spent one second indoors. She is the outdoor cat’s cat.

Brownie’s mom was a small calico cat named Olivia. She got with child (seven of them) before I could get her spayed. I was astounded when she had seven kittens. Olivia was really small and petite. She may have tipped the scales at six or seven pounds. After she had her babies her personality changed for the worse. She was no longer friendly and playful and no longer trusted me as she had before.

Olivia had her kittens during that really brutal drought with temperatures hitting at least one hundred degrees every day. In spite of that, she did not lose a single kitten. She brought them to me when they had been weaned and I started them on solid food. After they were eating and thriving, Olivia left and I never saw her again. Every one of her kittens showed behavior attesting to her great mothering. I did get her spayed before she left so the little tiny girl would not have to go through this trauma again. I hope she found someone to take care of her and is still enjoying a good life.

Some of her kittens were adopted and some drifted off to greener pastures. Brownie and BW stayed around for a few months and then they were gone. I thought I had seen the last of them.

About two years ago, Brownie showed up on the back porch of the gallery looking very skinny and showing some scars of past battles. I fed her along with the current crop of abandoned cats and she stayed for about a month and then was gone again. She reminded me of the Hank William’s song “Wondering Man”. She just could not stay in one place for very long. She had to see what was over that next hill.

Surprise surprise! Three months ago I went out in the morning to feed Tanya and Shirley. There was Brownie. Skinny as ever and wanting to be petted. Tanya and Shirley were not happy to see her and hissing and growling ensued. Since there are only three cats out back, I gave each one of them their own bowl. This went over very well. Nobody had to share and the situation got better. Shirley accepted Brownie and left her alone. Tanya still hisses at Brownie and ambushes her when she gets the chance. Every now and then Brownie will turn the tables on her and ambush Tanya. Never a dull moment out back.

Brownie is still here after three months. Maybe she got tired of being alone and havig to worry about the next meal. She gets fed twice a day (wet and dry) every day. She still does not put on any weight and I  lovingly call her “Boney Butt”. She eats like a horse and loves to be petted but picking her up is a big no-no.

She pretty much stays on the roof of an abandoned building behind the gallery. I can look out my back window and see her roaming on the roof and lying on a tree limb that stretches over the roof. I hope she stays around and takes it easy in her old age. She is my prodigal kitty.


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