Roo Bio

Roo Cat 1

What Can I Do For You?

I was getting ready to take a nap so hurry up.

Roo Cat 3

This Is My Favorite Picture of me.

My eyes almost look green and it shows off my lioness nose.

Roo Cat 4

Roo's Baby Picture.

Even then she was hogging my chair.

Roo Cat 5

We Love to Snuggle on Cold Nights.

Squad Car is my best bud even though she can get pushy every now and then.

Roo Cat 6

Exit Stage Left!

I just stole her catnip mouse. Time to head for high ground!

Roo Cat 7

Time For My Close-up.

I think this is my best side.

Roo's Diary

Roo Cat 8

In The Jungle, the Mighty Jungle, the Lion Sleeps Tonight.

I love it when he brings in the plants during winter.


Cat Stats: Age: Six years old |  Cat Buddies: Squad Car |  Favorite TV - Animal Planet Channel | 

Roo was dumped at the gallery along with Lena. Roo is short for kangaroo because this cat can really reach dizzying heights from a standing jump and she is a large cat.  She impressed me right away.  Another kitten had climbed a large oak tree and was meowing in the most pitiful way.  She got up the tree and onto a branch with no problems, but getting back down was a scary option.  Little Roo jumped up on the tree, climbed out to where the kitten was and slowly and carefully guided the would be tree climber back down to the ground safe and sound. I had never seen a cat do that before.  I knew then Roo was a keeper.

Roo never had any problems with me petting and touching her from the very beginning.  She was very helpful in "civilizing" the rest of the new arrivals.  Her and Lena working together were an unbeatable taming team.  We should have sent them to the Middle East to run the peace talks. Before long I had ten small civilized kittens and moms outback.

I wanted a gallery cat to keep me company and greet customers.  I brought Roo into the gallery and she agreed to take the job.  After a while I could tell she was lonesome and that is when Squad Car (see Squad Car's page) filled the other opening for gallery cat number two.  They got along perfectly from the start and now many customers stop in to see the two guard cats. They pretend they stopped to see the art, but I know better. 

 Roo has settled into a pleasant routine in the gallery and I think she is a happy cat.  We play everyday with her mice (one has a little catnip in it) and I chase her around the gallery until she lets me catch her, pick her up and I give her some head kisses.  When she is lounging at the front window of the gallery, I can come up to her and she will put her head back for some kisses.  She is a really loving little lioness.

Her and Squad Car also romp around the gallery at night when I am gone.  I come in the morning and the rug is sideways in the room, a chair my be turned over and their bedding will be on the floor.  I pick them up, give them some head kisses and we start another day at the Gallery At Spicewood.


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