Squad Car Bio

Squad Car Cat 1

Some of My Summer Reading

I love to flop on his keyboard so I must become computer literate.

Squad Car Cat 2

Oh Please!  Just One More Treat.

I promise I will leave you alone then. (I hope he buys that).

Squad Car 3

My Happy Place!

I don't think I have an unhappy place.  Wait, I was wrong. The Vet is an unhappy place.

Squad Car Cat 4

Me and My Mom. 

She was such a good mom.  Hey, look how I turned out.

Squad Car Cat 5

Would You Look At The Size of That Hairball!

That's a big one even for Roo.

Squad Car Cat 6

Levitation - No Problemo.

I love magic.  You should see me make those treats disappear.

Squad Car's Routine

Squad Car Cat 8

He Has Such Great Taste in Screen Savers.

It would have been better with just one cat - me.

Age: Six years | Cat Buddy: Roo | Favorite TV show: Any cooking show.

Squad Car (because she is black and white and that's what they used to call police cars in the day) was abandoned with her mother (Momma Kitty) and a brother and a sister.  Both the brother and sister were Siamese with the beautiful blue eyes and lovely chocolate colors. Squad Car was almost a twin of Momma(see photo on left). Momma was pretty tame and I captured her by hand and and had her spayed right away.  I had to live trap the rest of the fam.

The two Siamese were easy.  Got them both in the same trap. Off they went to the vet to have their operations. But little Squad Car was another matter.  I tried for a month to trap Squad (as we call her for short - don't make short jokes around her as she is a little squat) without any success. She would get on the trap, stick her head in the trap, but would not enter all the way. I was getting worried because she would be old enough to mate pretty darn soon.  By this time, I had adopted out the male Siamese and was looking for a home for Momma and Lucy (I named the female Siamese). To complicate matters, Lucy and Momma would trip the trap, eat the food, and wait for me to free them.  Squad couldn't get in the trap because the two gluttons were already in there.

I was getting desperate.  Then a bolt out of the blue.  Try some different bait.  I went up to the corner store and purchased a can of nasty sardines.  Put the dead fish in the trap and went back into the gallery.  I looked out the back door about five minutes later, and low and behold, the little black and white rascal was in the trap munching on the sardines. When I picked up the trap and took it into the gallery, she just kept on eating like I did not exist.

I surmised Squad would resist taming.  Wrong again.  I let her out of the trap in the gallery to appraise the damage that would result.  She walked out of the trap, sniffed the air a couple of times, walked over to me, rubbed up against me, started purring and then got up onto my lap. She was tamed! From that time on, if I even look like I am going to have lap, Squad is in it. She would probably spend the rest of her life in my lap if I would let her. I realized at that moment she would be the perfect gallery cat number two (see Roo page). The rest is history.


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