Tanya Bio

Tanya in Sunflower Patch

Tanya in the Sunflower Patch Out Back

She has made a little nest inside the patch.  It is so cool and shady in there.

Tanya Cat 1

Tanya Looking All Revolutionary!

However, her and brother Anton have been won over to the good life in the US.

Tanya Cat 2

Tanya at About Six Months Old.

It was cold December morning and she was waiting for chow.

Tanya Cat 3

Sunlight and Shadow.

When it was this cold (about 28 degrees) any kind of sun felt good.

Tanya Cat 4

Tanya's Brother Anton on the Right.

Anton wondered off and never came back. Lots of male feral cats do this even though they have been neutered.

Tanya Cat 7

Tanya Literally Going to the Pot.

This flower pot had some soil left in it and Tanya made it her personal toilet. She could barely fit in the pot.

Tanya's Topics

Tanya Cat 9

Tanya Looking in the Back Window.

I know you are in there.  Time for chow. 

Age: Two years | Cat Buddy: Shirley | Favorite TV show: Dr. Zhivago |

Tanya and her brother Anton appeared out of nowhere. They were about four months old and in pretty good shape. Unlike other new cats in town, they acted like the two of them had been here from the beginning. Surprisingly, the cats in the mob accepted them right away. Very little hissing or fighting and Tanya and Anton became members of the mob.

They are the classic Russian Blue cat. Thick short deep gray fur and those beautiful eyes that look like they have mascara on (see the pictures). They are very independent and even though the other cats accepted them, they pretty much kept to themselves. They were very close and I did not see one without the other one nearby. I guess they were abandoned together so the stayed together.

Those two loved to play and chase each other all over the back area. Flying bugs were their favorite prey and it was really comical to see them both jumping and trying to catch the same bug. Many midair collisions ensued and the bug usually flew off undamaged. Tanya and Anton would pick themselves up and start looking for the next victim. They gave me many hours of pleasure watching their antics out back.

About four months after they arrived, Anton disappeared. I came out to feed the mob and everyone except Anton showed up for chow. Tanya stayed off to one side and would not eat. She wandered off for about three days. I think she was out looking for him. She came back to the mob but seemed very subdued for the next week. She would sit on the edge of the mob and look out into the distance hoping Anton would show up. But, he never has and Tanya finally moved on. She never bonded with any of the other cats and to this day is very aloof.

I have no idea what happened to Anton. I checked the roads to make sure he had not been run over and I even walked the adjoining fields trying to find out what happened to him. Male cats sometime will do this wandering thing and never come back. I hope he found a good person out there to feed and care for him. Every male cat that has been a member of the mob eventually drifts off. Some come back every now and then to be fed or have an injury fixed. All of the cats have been neutered or spayed but I think that gene is in the male cat making him look for his own territory.

Tanya is very loving when she wants to be. Many times she will sit outside the feeding area until all the cats have pigged out and then she will come up to me and get in my lap. I pet her for awhile and then she gets down, eats, heads under the porch to preen with the rest of the mob. Tanya would make a great Russian revolutionary. She is a good kitty and I really enjoy her company.


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