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Albert (Big Al) and HT (Holy Terror), two of our seven Home Cats

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All of our home cats were feral or rescued. At present, we have seven cats living for most of the time in peaceful coexistence with their two human servants.  Four of the cats are indoor/outdoor cats and spend some time outside each day doing cat stuff.  The other three are strictly indoor for right now. Two of those three hopefully will be able to spend some time outside in the future.  I am making plans for that.  The remaining cat has some health problems and probably will stay indoors for the rest of her life.  

The whole house has to be vacuumed at least twice a week - litter boxes (4) cleaned three times a day - all bedding washed once a week - keeps the house flea and tick free. Lots of candles and incense burned to keep the house smelling fresh and clean.  We do not use any harmful chemicals on the cats, in the yard, or in the house.  If you want to know more about that, visit "Other Places" to find out about safe practices to keep you pets healthy and happy. It is a lot of work, but they are worth it.  As I often say, "They are a bunch of fuzz butts, but they are my fuzz butts".  Every day is a new adventure with the "Magnificent Seven".

If you would like to meet the seven, click on their name and you will be taken to their den to learn more about them and their daily adventures.  Enjoy!

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Rita's Kittens.

Catoon - Do I need a lawyer?

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This is where the Home Cats live and play.

It is a nice, safe location with very little traffic on the road. Lots of trees, bushes and tall grass to make the Home Cat's lives happy and safe.

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