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Abby cat 1

Abby catching some rays.

Ummm, that warmth feels so darn good. I love windows.

Abby Cat 2

Abby thinking deep thoughts..

Should I get up or go back to sleep. Decisions, decisions.

Abby Cat 3

Hmm, do I hear kibble rattle?

Abby has to be fed grain free and gluten free cat chow. Her dry food is a special kidney food.


Is that Bug Alive?

Maybe one of the other cats will check it out. "Hey Albert, check out this bug". I am just too comfortable to move.abby4


Don't Even Think About Moving Me!

Just let happy, warm, content cats alone.  I would hate to slash you, but I will.abby cat


Does this Pillow Clash With My Fur?

I think it does. Get rid of the pillow.abby6

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Cat Stats: Age: Six Years | Cat Buddies: George and Vera | Favorite TV Show: Downton Abby |

Abby's beginnings are veiled in mystery.  Marianne and I came home late one night and unlocked the front door when I thought I heard a faint "meow".  We live at the top of a hill in the very back of the sub division.  Behind us is nothing but empty land and there are only three other houses on our road.  We paused for a moment, and the weak little "meow" came again. We crossed over the driveway and there in the tall, dead grass was a very small, young, malnourished kitten.  How she got there, I have no idea, but there she was asking for our help.
I guessed she was about six weeks old and in very bad shape.  The next morning she went to the vet for a checkup.  Our vet said she needed lots of care and love plus lots of good food and a safe place to heal.  The weird thing was, our vet said she had been spayed.  What a tough little cat.  Six to eight weeks old, abandoned, no food, suffering from a major surgery, flea infested, and she still was fighting to stay alive. John Wayne would have been so proud of her.  She had come to the right place.  She was going to have a good life from now on.
Because of her kitten-hood, Abby had some health problems. She developed a bad cough and wheeze.  She at times sounded almost like she was drowning. There were so many ailments that would cause these symptoms. For six months we tried many, many courses of  treatment to fix her problems.  It was really heart-rending to listen to her coughing and trying to get her breath.
Finally, we hit upon feeding her food with no grain, gluten or corn in the ingredients. She responded very quickly to this food.  After about a month, the wheezing and coughing stopped and she started being a normal, semi-healthy cat. Every now and then when the molds and allergens are high, she will cough a little, but nothing like the early days.  With her terrible beginnings, she will probably always have a few health problems but she is doing much better now.  Abby is not a very loving kitty and will slash and burn when she is not feeling good.  That is just fine.  She is having a good life, surrounded by loving people and for the most part, other loving cats.

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