Agnes Bio

Agnes in the Jungle

Agnes in the Jungle

Out on the back porch relaxing.

Agnes cat2

Agnes at Six Months

She is seeing her first new cat in the house.

Rita's Kittens

Her Favorite Chair

Just waking up from her morning nap and getting ready for her afternoon nap.

I Promise I didn't do it!

We all knew she was guilty but with that sweet look, who cares?


That dang Holley is very prickly!

My Baby.

After six years, Agnes still carries her baby lion around with her. The lion is not a pretty sight now.

New Agnes News


They are so cute when they are asleep.


Cat Stats: Age: Seven Years | Cat Buddies: Vera and Albert | Favorite TV show: The Blacklist |

Marianne called me at work some years ago and let me know she had scoped out tiny a black and white kitten  at the local feed store.  She was the last of a litter the owners where trying to get rid of. I love black and white cats so I stopped on the way home from work to check her out.
She was sitting on top of some feed sacks cleaning herself when I walked in the door.  She was about six weeks old and very sure of herself.  I walked over to her, held out my hand and she moved onto my hand and said "lets go" and we did. 
As fate would have it, our vet is right across the street from the feed store.  I put her in the truck and crossed over to the vet for her first checkup.  She was too young and light to spay, but she got her first shots and was checked for feline lukemina. I had to bring her back later to be spayed. 
On the way home, the name Agnes popped into my head. It fit her so well. Agnes is a popular Russian name, so I gave her the name Agnes Ivonovitch. I told her she was to be Agnes Ivonovitch on the way home - she did not slash me or bite me, so figured she was all right with the name. She does not like to be called Aggie for obvious reasons.
Agnes is a very intelligent cat. At that time, the only cat we had was Vera. So, Vera is our SPC (Senior Pussy Cat). Agnes showed the proper respect for that title and they got along just fine after a small hissy fit by Vera. They would never become sleeping buddies, but fighting and hissing were not options between these two. Agnes blended  into the family.

With warm weather, Agnes has turned into an outdoor cat during the day(see story page). I put an old tee-shirt on one of the chairs on the back patio and that is now her favorite hangout. She goes out in the morning with George and stays out most of the day.  She does come in a couple of times to use the litter box. She still will not pee or poop outdoors. In to the litter box, does her business and then wants back outside.

I keep a cool, wet place for her and George in the shade next to the patio.  When it gets too warm for her chair, she finds a good cool place and settles down.  Usually about seven or so she comes in to be fed.  She stays in the rest of the night.


Above is a pastel painting I completed of Agnes resting.

How Agnes likes to play.


 Agnes on Back Porch.

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