Albert Bio

Albert cat one

Albert Doing Some Much Needed Grooming.

He has about 4 different types of hair starting at very fine to very rough. I have to brush him everyday. If I don't, there will be small balls of gray hair rolling across the floor.

Albert Cat 2

HT Was Mean to Me!

I didn't do anything to her and she chased me and swatted me.  Can you punish her?

Albert Cat three

Albert's Baby Picture. 

He still has a little acne left.  It soon cleared up.

Albert cat four

I'm Bad!

Don't mess with me.  Albert doing the strut.

Albert cat 5

I Love It When They Leave the Windows Up.

The smells are just wonderful. Hope I get to go out there one of these days.

Lena Became Al's Surrogate Mother.

They adored each other.  She cleaned him and protected him until he got big enough to take care of himself.  Lena passed away about a year ago.  We miss her terribly.

Tales of Albert (Big Al).


I Could Use a Good Brushing If You Have the Time.


Cat Stats: Age Three Years | Cat Buddies: George, Abby, and Vera | Favorite TV show: Frasier |

 Marianne came upon this little guy while she was riding her horse, Shadow.  She heard a timid meow but the grass and weeds were so high she could not see exactly where the meowing was coming from. So, she started meowing back he would meow and she tracked him down. He was holed up in a piece of PVC pipe and Marianne snagged the little boy without any serious injuries to either one of them.  I think he was really glad to get the heck out of that wilderness.

Marianne looked around the field for other kittens or the mother but to no avail. Albert (or as we call him now, "Big Al") was alone the wilderness. When he got home and rested up a bit, ate some good kitten chow, and found out about air conditioning, he developed an attitude. He would hide in the closet and hiss (very vicious) when someone tried to pet him or pick him up. He was so tiny, we were not really afraid of being mauled. So, I sat in the closet with him for about an hour and every time I saw him peep out and hiss, I poked him with my finger. He finally got tired of being poked and came out and climbed onto my lap for some loving.

At this time, we had a female cat named Lena (more about her on her page) and Albert and Lena bonded instantly. He became the baby she never had. Here is a great picture of the two chilling out. She cleaned him, let him chew on her tail and protected him from the other cats in the house. Even as Albert got older, he was still best friends with Lena. She was a very special little cat and she made Albert's move into the family much smoother and less stressful.

Albert has grown into a very large, beautiful, long-haired male cat.  Even with his large size and big teeth, is still a bit of timid soul.  But, he is a excellent guard cat. No matter where he is in the house if he hears someone outside or a car pull up in the driveway, he starts growling just like a dog. However, bravery is not high on his list of priorities.  He does his growling heading for the back bedroom and the safety beneath the bed.  He will not come out until the interlopers depart. Then he is back on guard duty and ready for the next intrusion. I think the other cats tease Albert about his lack of socialization and that is why we call him "Big Al". It builds up his self-esteem and makes him happy.  Happy cats are healthy cats that is what's important.  Here is a picture of Albert acting manly.  Look at that strut!

I know lots of cats like to drink out of the water faucet.  Most of them experiment and finally realize that if the get too close to the water it will go up their nose and an unpleasant drowning feeling results. Albert had water issues.  So he invented another, safer way to drink from the faucet. He sticks his big head under the faucet and forces the water to run down the right side of his neck and then down his right leg flowing onto his right paw.  Then he licks the water off his paw. His paws are very large so he does get a good slurp of water with each lick.  He may be timid and water challenged, but he is not dumb. Below is a photo of his technique.


 Albert Coming Out.

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