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"You Talking to Me?

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I used to be feral and look at me now.

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This Is My Porch!

What do you want?.

Gracie and George

Gracie is George's sister. Sadly, when I moved these two over to our house, Gracie decided to strike out on her on.  I think she took up with a family across the valley from us.  I see her every now and then in the morning when I am going to work.

George Photo Shopped.

A little air brushing never hurt anyone.  George really likes this photo.  Such a handsome guy!

George and Albert After Some Really Good Nip.

These two get along really well.  Albert is still an indoor cat but George is telling him about "outside". Oh, the adventures they could have outside.

George's Press Releases


Mr. Stripey Pants

george cat 1

Cat Stats: Age: Two years old | Cat Buddies: Everyone except Agnes | Favorite TV show: Dancing with the Stars |

 George has an appetite to say the least.  He usually  eats four cans of wet cat food per day plus any dry food left by the other cats without gaining any weight.  He is voracious and eats just about any brand of cat food without a second thought. I think he would eat dog food if we gave it to him. The vet checked him out and found nothing wrong except he is a big, goofy, happy cat. 

George was one of the feral cats out back of the gallery.  I usually leave them outback and let nature take its course, but George and his sister Gracie really became favorites of mine. I got to the gallery one morning and both of them were sitting on the edge of the highway thinking about crossing.  Nope! I was not going to see these two special cats die under a car.  I scooped them up, put them in a cat carrier and took them home.  George adapted quickly and was soon the king of the backyard.  Gracie drifted off and disappeared after about two weeks. I am pretty sure I saw her about a month later across the creek at someone's house.  She was in the yard and I stopped and yelled "hey Gracie". She stopped walking away, turned around and looked at me. I am pretty sure it was her. Anyway, back to George.

George stays out all day except when it gets really hot. He comes in at night as do all of our cats because of coyotes and foxes in the neighborhood.  George gets along with all the cats but does not like strangers. He hides under the bed until the all-clear is sounded.  Even food will not bring him out. 

He sleeps with me right by my pillow every night. He usually hangs out in the hall or plays with his mouse toy batting it all over the house.  As I get ready for bed and turn down the covers he comes running in and plops down in his area and is soon fast asleep.  Usually, George sleeps all night and does not wake up until he gets hungry around 5:30 in the morning.  He gets up and starts vocalizing and that wakes up or stirs up all the other cats in the house. It is time to feed the mob and George is the alarm clock every morning.  He goes trotting down the hall with his big, bushy, black tail standing straight up, jumps up on the bar and head butts me when I get there.  I open the cans of cat food, let him smell them to make sure they are up to his standards, he head butts me again and every one gets fed now. George is not a delicate eater.  It sounds like someone walking through mud with all the slurping, chewing and grunting going on

After the bowl is clean, he jumps down, does a little cleaning and then he wants out. If it is light enough, I walk out the back door with him, tell him to be careful and have a good day.  If it is still too dark, I go back to bed and he gets back up to his place on the bed.  When he thinks it is light enough, the vocalizing (whining) starts.  If I don't think it is light enough, I say "Stop" in a deep voice and he settles down for about ten minutes. Finally, it gets light and out he goes for a day of adventure.

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