HT Bio

Tanya in Sunflower Patch

A Smile and Happy Dreams

HT actually being good.

Roo Cat

HT Before Becoming the Holy Terror

This is about a week after her near death experience.

Rita's Kittens

Who Me? A Holy Terror!

Surely you jest!  Come a little closer.

The Better To Hear You With, My Dear.

I want to get my ears pieced when I get bigger.

Come Over to The Dark Side George.

She has ten very sharp light sabers.

You Talking to Me?

HT can be very intense.  This is her "learning something new" look.

HT's Mewsings


HT and George Catching a Few Winks


ht and george

Cat Stats: Age: Two years | Cat Buddies: George | Favorite TV show: Criminal Minds |

Marianne literally rescued her from under the wheels of death. Marianne had stopped at a red light and saw the future HT run into traffic and stop under a pickup's front wheel.  She jumped out of her truck and tried to catch the little devil but HT headed for the Post Office with Marianne hot on her trail. She finally decided to be "captured" and was taken to a vet to be checked out for any injuries. She was perfect.

We already had six cats at home.  There was a half-hearted attempt to get HT adopted and after a couple of weeks, she became one of the familia - number seven.

We soon found out HT had personal space issues.  She would get up on the bed, push up to Marianne's face, start licking and nipping her face and neck - purring like small lawnmower all the time.  At first, it was endearing and very cute.  Try to sleep with a small determined kitten trying to get at your face and neck any time you put your head on the pillow. Sleep was lost.  Marianne had to sleep under the sheets to keep the little "Holy Terror" (we shortened the name to HT) at bay. HT would still sleep on top of the lump under the sheets. She is not a quitter!

Unfortunately, she has these same space issues with all the household cats. She goes up to them, gets right in their face and trys to lick them.  This was not acceptable cat behavior to the resident kitties.  Needless to say, little HT was swatted, run over, hissed at and ostracized by everyone.  Except George. George seemed to like the attention and let HT do just about anything she wanted to do- licking, hugging, snuggling.  When he did get tired of the attention, George just got up and left.  HT seemed to understand enough was enough and went on to annoy the other cats. Of course, George could go outside to get away from the pest. To this day, when George comes in, HT runs to meet him and starts her loving on this big, black and white cat.  He still puts up with it until she bites a little too hard.  He just hisses once, and she stops. They run and romp all over the house and up in the rafters (we have exposed beams in the living room). Sometime she chases him and other times the roles are reversed.  They are good buds.

HT is now a force to be reckoned with.  She has grown up to be a big cat and she remembers the childhood traumas inflicted upon her by the other cats.  Revenge has been swift and sure. We have a long hallway leading from the bedrooms to the living room.  Perfect ambush spots. Albert will be strolling down the hall, wham!  HT pounces and Albert is chased  and swatted.  Depending on the cat, she gets away with this intimidation. Vera, Lucy, George and Agnes pretty much ignore her attacks and saunter on down the hall.  Agnes and Lucy will sometimes strike back, HT rethinks her strategy and acts like the attack was an accident, loping down the hall to set up a new ambush spot. 

HT still does the loving stuff on Marianne, but has learned when to quit.  It is so wonderful to see HT with her front legs around Marianne's neck, licking and rubbing Marianne's chin and neck. Of course, the purr motor has gotten even louder with age. She looks so innocent.

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