Lucy Bio

Tanya in Sunflower Patch

So, I'm Just a Little Cross-eyed.

It shows the great breeding in my family. Ha!

Roo Cat

Hmmm, Sunshine.

Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy ( I do like John Denver songs).

Rita's Kittens

Did I hear a cat food can pop?

I just love that tuna flavor.

I Thought Photoshop Had a Red Eye Fixer.

I can use this picture at Halloween.

Hey, I'm stalking a rather vicious bug.

Dang! The flash scared the critter and it flew off.  Thanks a bunch!

Do I Look Like I Care?

Who cares what you had for supper.  Where is mine?

Lucy Life

The Rug Goes With My Eyes. Tres Chic.


Cat Stats: Age Six years | Cat Buddies: George, Vera | Favorite TV Show: Downton Abby |

Lucy was one of our original feral cats out back of the gallery.  Her mother was a small, squat black and white cat that from the looks of her was the mother of many litters. She had three kittens, two Siamese and another black and white. The other Siamese was a male and was adopted to a good family very early.

At the time, Momma Kitty and her three babies were the only cats out back.  After the male was adopted, Momma Kitty was attacked by a fox or a coyote and her face and head was badly torn up.  I got her to the vet and she survived her injuries.  I decided to bring her and Lucy home to prevent any further attacks. Both of them settled into being outdoor cats at our house. 

Unfortunately, about six months later Momma Kitty fell prey to coyotes in our neighborhood. Lucy survived and we decided to make her an indoor-outdoor cat.

After the attack on Momma, Lucy became arboreal for many months.  She spent all of her outdoor time in trees or on our roof. I had to come out late at night and convince her it was safe to come down and into the house. Eventually, I convinced her she could be safe on the ground and now she does spend her time outside prowling around the house and sleeping in her kitty bed on the back porch.  Of course, George is out there protecting her. See, therapy does work.

Lucy and I have a little ritual called "Bed Time". When she comes in (usually in the late afternoon), I ask her if she would like some Bed Time, pick her up and we go lay down on the bed in the back room.  I put my arm down to my side with just enough space for her to nestle in while resting her head on my arm. Invariably, Lucy is purring and asleep in about a minute. She really feels safe here.  I sometimes take a small nap with her. I feel pretty safe here also.

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