Vera Bio

Tanya in Sunflower Patch

Chilling in the Cowboy Chair.

The chair is pretty ugly, but it sure is comfortable and comfort is what counts.

Roo Cat

You Need to Cut the Grass.

Maybe I can lose this dumb collar in the grass and you run over it with the lawnmower.

Rita's Kittens

You Slipped on the Hairball.  That was so funny.  Do it again.

There are a couple more hairballs lurking in the house.  Hope you find those also.

Stare Into My Eyes.  You Are Getting Sleepy.

Now, fill my bowl with tuna and leave.

Yes That is My Tongue.  The Old Bronx Cheer to You.

I don't want to come in right now.  Check with me later.

My Eye Lashes Are So Thick.

I do look pretty smug here. When you have it, flaunt it.

Vera Updates

Cat Stats: Age: Twelve years | Cat Buddies: Abby and George | Favorite TV show: NPR Fresh Air

I Am The Senior Pussycat and Don't You Forget it.

Vera is our SPC (Senior Pussy Cat). Agnes is waiting in the wings as the Regent but right now Vera is the reigning Queen. Wisdom comes with age and Vera Mae is a very wise and discerning feline.  I hope her reign continues for many, many more years. 

I pulled into a gas station in my little Ford Ranger pickup to gas up.  As I exited the truck, I noticed a small kitten wondering around in the parking lot looking for something to eat.  She sauntered over to the gas pump I was using and plopped down to check out what was happening.  She was very calm and collected.  I though she might belong to someone at the gas station and she was out to do her business.  Anyway, I finished pumping gas, selected no receipt and started to get back into the Ranger.  I had left the door open while pumping.  Guess who was in the passenger's seat looking out the windshield just like she had been in this truck many times.  We pulled out onto FM2322 and headed for the house. She started cleaning herself.  Such a good day.

Flashback- about six months earlier I lost the love of my cat life - Goodie. He was my cat soul mate and having to put him down (heart problems) was one of the worst days in my life. He loved me dearly as I did him and he shared his short life (three years) with me to the max. Even now, writing about him, I tear up.  He was my totem. No more cats for me.  I did not want to go through the pain and grief of losing another little soul. Silly me!

Back to the present- At this time we only had one other cat in the house. Riley was an older cat and was definitely Marianne's kitty.  Of course, there was the usual hissing and threats when a new cat is moving in.  In a about a week, everything was cool and Vera Mae slipped into our lives.

In her first few years, Vera was a great lap kitty.  She loved to watch TV or computer movies while stretched out in my lap.   We had no problems with her and she continued to make herself a pleasure in everyone's life.  She decided she wanted to be an indoor-outdoor cat and was very easy to train for that position.  We did put a collar on her which was not at all to her liking.  Every time she went out, we put the collar on and she made it abundantly clear she was not a collar kitty.  She finally accepted the fact - no collar - no going out and things went much smoother after that decision.

  Vera has since seen the addition of seven new cats over the years.  For the most part, no problems arose. If there was a problem, Vera would come to me and let me know what was going on.  Lack of respect, harassment, or bad habits, etc. The problems were addressed, and eventually, peace and contentment was restored.  Diplomacy and ratting out are Vera's best qualities. She very seldom gets upset because she knows she is the SPC.

V era continues to thrive.  The other day I noticed her out in the back yard going about her business.  She moves slowly and deliberately, stopping and smelling things she has smelled many, many times, and then moving on to drink from the small pond we have.  She feels safe and loved.  I was reminded of the movie "The Godfather" when Marlon Brando is working in his tomato patch in the backyard. He moves slowly about, checking his tomatoes and looking for bugs while humming a tune.  Our back yard is Vera's tomato patch and she is happy. 

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