At Spicewood

This is a one page website with internal links to each section of the site.  There is the Home Page (you are there), Art Page, Gallery Page and an external link to a writing site about cats (Cat Shorts).  When you see one of these links, click on that link and away you go.  My idea of a good website is simplify, simplify, and simplify.  I hope you enjoy the site. 

Art in the Gallery

I just returned form the Rockport, Texas Art show and it was a great show.  I sold all but four of my paintings so until I get some new art completed, this web site will be empty.  I am working on new art now, so check back in a couple of weeks and I will have the new art up. None of the painting below are available at this time. Below are a few examples of the art you can find in the gallery and on ETSY.  If you find a painting  you would like to know more about, see a larger picture, or more information about the painting,  just click on any ETSY you see or any painting and you will be whisked away to the ETSY website.  I do not sell my art on my website for many, many reasons.  ETSY is a commercial website with excellent security and you can pay by check, credit card or PayPal and not worry about being hacked or cheated.   Lets quit wasting time and get to the art.

One Star Accommodations orginal pastel 
"One Star Accommodations"

Light After the Storm Original Pastel
"Light After the Storm"

Fictitious Landscape Original Pastel
"Fictitious Landscape"

In the Dunes Original pastel
"In the Dunes"

Perfect Day Original pastel
"Perfect Day"

Prairie Sunrise Original Pastel
"Prairie Sunrise"

Spring Morning Original pastel
"Spring Morning"

Sunset Storm original pastel
"Sunset Storm"

Tulips original pastel

"Lavender Field"

Gallery Stuff

Gallery front door

The Gallery At Spicewood is located about thirty miles west of Austin, Texas on Highway 71 in Spicewood, Texas (see map below).
Hours: Tuesday thru Sunday, 11 to 4
Phone: 512.633-4104

map to gallery

All of my paintings (soft pastels) are originals - no prints - and are framed and matted under glass.  I have more paintings in the gallery not shown on ETSY because I paint every day.  I update ETSY on a weekly basis, adding and removing new and sold art.   I DO NOT SHIP ANY PAINTING OVER 18X24.  The shipping costs have increased to where the shipping was more than the painting's cost.  In addition, anything over 18x24 has a big chance of being broken or damaged.  All paintings shipped are insured.

Cat Shorts
Cat Shorts logo

Cat Shorts is a website devoted to my  writings, insights, helpful hints, and flights of fancy about cats.  I realize there are lots of non-cat people and I used to be one.  You can go to the website  or click on the shorts above and see what changed my mind. What can you lose?  I love all animals - rhinos, dogs, birds, lizards, (not so crazy about snakes, but they deserve to live good lives also).  Humans have been and are still inflicting cruel and criminal acts on all animals.   Maybe this site will enlighten you.  Remember, as George Carlin said, "Meow" means "woof" in cat."

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