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Why Use Etsy?

As I stated on the Art page, all purchase transactions are completed using the Etsy web site.  Their site is very safe and secure and you can use just about any way to pay for the purchase.  Credit card, Paypal, checks and Debit cards are accepted by Etsy.  This way, you do not have to worry about my site being hacked and card numbers stolen.  I have been using Etsy for almost six years and have never had a problem with fraud or theft. 

The other great feature of using Etsy is their email system.  If you see a painting you are interested in, you can ask questions through their secure email system and I will get the email and reply to you through Etsy also.  Etsy also verifies the seller's (me) validity and  reliability.  Etsy also has a complaint link if you are not satisfied with purchase or the purchase was misrepresented that you can go to if for some reason you are dissatisfied with the service or the purchase.  So far, I have not had a dissatisfied customer. 

As for shipping policies, the cost of shipping is stated for each picture and I do insure the painting at no extra cost to you in case it does arrive damaged.  I ship through the US Postal Service and their service so far has been exceptional. 

What if you visit the Gallery at Spicewood?

The Gallery accepts MasterCard, Visa, checks, and of course, cash. If you decide to commission a painting, fifty percent of the total purchase price is due before the commission is started.  This is non-refundable.

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