Simple Pleasures

Learn to Enjoy Everyday Simple Pleasures



What are simple pleasures? The best answer I can give "it is up to you". I am trying to alert you to all the fine, free, loving and uplifting happenings that occur around us every minute, every day, every year.  Sometimes they are hard to see or hear or feel.  But, when you find a simple pleasure, you will know it and you will be on the path to more simple pleasures. 


What awoke me to these gems of life?  One morning I stepped out of the shower and had a big, fluffy cotton towel waiting to dry me.  As I was drying my face and ears and beard, I realized how good this did feel.  Every time I take a shower and towel off, I get a free, simple pleasure that cannot be taken from me.  Try it yourself.


From then on it became easier to recognize these little gems. A cat purring on your lap.  A good dog leaning against you.  Even the enjoyment of seeing these critters eating and loving it so much.  These experiences started meaning even more to me when I wrote about them. Guess what?  Another simple pleasure for me.


I hope you start looking around, finding simple pleasures.  It will make your life better. Hopefully this web site will be a simple, free pleasure to you.