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Merriam-Webster defines musing as "thoughtfully abstracted: meditative. That definition is a simple pleasure in itself.  "THOUGHTFULLY ABSTRACTED" - what a great way to see happenings in life.  I wish I had known that definition when I was in school daydreaming and the teacher asked if I was paying attention.  "Miss Jones, I am thoughtfully abstracted". Wow! What an answer. Off to the principle for me but with my head held high.

This page will be for my musings, and hopefully, your musings.  I would like to hear other people's thoughfully abstracted thoughts also and I will add them to this page.  Email me at  These musings can be simple pleasures in disguise. Please, no political or sexual musings.


I dearly love all animals but cats have a special place in my heart.  Unfortunately, people drop off their unwanted cats at the gas station near my art gallery.  I really do not know why they just throw them out of the car or truck and drive away.  If someone does not take care of these abandoned kitties, their death warrant has been signed and delivered.  I guess these animal abusers think "Well, they are cats and know how to survive in the wild". Wrong you big doo-doo heads. 

We have coyotes, foxes, skunks and an occasional puma out here in the country that just love cat meat.  That's if the abandoned cats do not starve to death, get injured, or get run over on the really busy highway that runs in front of the gas station.   I have lost count of the dead feline bodies I move off the road and bury them in a better place out of respect for their little spirits.  Just take them to a humane society, but that is really too much trouble.  Just dump them and forget them!

Here is a tidbit of information that may be useful to you in case you find an abandoned cat. If the tip of the left ear has been clipped, that cat has already be spayed or neutered. Vets do that to let you know a feral cat has been fixed.  

Windows 98??

I was cleaning out my closet and I came across a Dell laptop computer I forgot was in the closet.  I fired it up and low and behold it booted up just fine. However, the operating system was Windows 98 from back in the nineties.  No programs since 2000 would even load on this machine much less work. I was getting ready to turn it off and donate it to Goodwill when I noticed the games "Myst"  and "Riven" were installed on the computer. These are two of the most wonderful non-violent adventure/clue computer games ever written. Of course, these games are not compatible with more modern computers.

I had never completed Riven, so here was my chance to finish the game.  What a pleasant surprise and a simple pleasure. I am now hooked on solving Riven with its wonderful graphics and puzzles and enjoying something that could be considered old and useless. What a great discovery for me.


That is what I named the newest cat joining the mob outback (Kasha is a Russian Blue). She was abandoned and found her way down to the gallery. Anyway, she had her operation week before last. She gave me a wonderful simple pleasure just a few moments ago.

I was looking out the back window (on a beautiful sunny day) and she was out there chasing butterflies. Healthy, happy and having kitty fun. She would take a break now and then and go to her food dish and snack a bit.  Then back to the butterflies and enjoying her new life.  Life is good! Thank you Kasha (Russian for kitten) for another simple pleasure.

Update on Kasha - Kasha was adopted into a great home a couple of weeks ago.  She and her new staff are doing just fine. She has been renamed to "Smokey" as if it makes any difference.  She is a cat and comes when she wants to no matter what you call her. Good news for Smokey. Getting a cat adopted to a wonderful home is truly a simple pleasure. 

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